Early Learning Centers


The safety and security of the children and educators at Early Learning Centers is our number one priority and this includes everyone's health.  We have been very successful keeping COVID-19 out of our centers and from infecting our children and our educators.
1.  Everyone who enters our buildings must have their temperature checked.  If it is 100.4 or higher they cannot enter the facility.
2. Everyone who enters our buildings must answer our COVID screening questions.
3. Everyone, children and adults, 10 years or older must wear a mask while in the centers.
4. Parents are encouraged to check their children in at the front door to limit the exposure to the educators and children.
5. Educators in childcare are always cleaning, now we are doing it even more frequently.  Shelves, toys, equipment, door knobs, light switches, you name it gets cleaned, repeatedly.
6. Smaller group sizes.  Instead of 22+ children in a group we are using smaller group sizes and reducing the number of people the children and educators are exposed to.
7. Parents are encouraged to pay online, reducing potential exposures.
8. Educators wash their hands before and after changing diapers.
9. All children are required to have two changes of clothing each day
10. A head to toe health check is done on each child upon arrival to ensure everyone is healthy.

What makes ELC different?

  1. Our educators have all successfully passed state and federal background checks with NO waivers.
  2. All our educators and administrative staff are CPR & 1st Aid Certified.
  3. Our new educators work with seasoned educators for 3-4 weeks before we allow them to be alone with children.
  4. Our new educators must attend three (3) days of new hire orientation before starting at the center.
  5. All our educators must attend a least 30 hours of appropriate training each year.
  6. We have an open door policy for our parents.  Come by the center any time, you’ll see us doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. (Parents of currently enrolled children may come in to the center after having their temperatures checked and completing the screening questions.)
  7. We have successfully remained open throughout the COVID-19 crisis.  Our screening and cleaning techniques are providing a safe and healthy environment for the children as well as the educators.
  8.  Your fees are based on your household income, which saves you hundreds of dollars each month.
  9. We have scholarships available to lower your fees by $20 per week!
  10.  We provide all the supplies your child needs.
  11.  We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks at no additional cost and our cooks are ServeSafe certified.
  12.  We provide baby bottles, baby formula, baby food and wipes at no additional cost.
  13.  We don’t have TV’s at our centers because we have lesson plans we use to teach the children.  It’s our goal to help make sure every child is “school ready” when they leave ELC.

So now you know what makes us different, and special.  Come see what we do and you’ll want to give your child this great opportunity and save yourself some well earned cash!

For more information please call 806-765-9981 or email lena.scaff@elclubbock.org.