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Education Program

A landmark, long-term study of the effects of high-quality early care and education on low-income three- and four-year-olds known as the Perry Preschool Project, shows that adults at age 40 who participated in a preschool program in their early years have higher earnings, are more likely to hold a job, have committed fewer crimes, and are more likely to have graduated from high school.  Overall, the study documented a return to society of more than $17 for every tax dollar invested in the early care and education program.  (High/Scope Educational Research Foundation)

Curious to see the impact we were making in the lives of young children in Lubbock the Early Learning Centers started measuring the outcomes of a number of things and we have found:

The longer a child is enrolled at Early Learning Centers the more likely they are to have mastered developmental milestones than children of the same age enrolled a shorter time, however if a child enrolls with us by the age of two and attends through age four they will be developmentally equal to those children who enrolled 6-12 months earlier. (Based on our comparison of 2-year old’s enrolled 12 months or longer to 2-year old’s enrolled 6 months or less when we compared their Growth and Development assessments as 4-year old’s.)  Ninety-three percent of parents surveyed have less worry and anxiety about their child since enrolling at ELC, allowing them to focus on work and school, and 67% better understand their child’s development.  ELC provided more than 300 individuals with training on how to recognize and report child abuse and neglect, conducted 56,588 well checks, looking for signs or symptoms of child abuse.  After enrolling and being educated on the importance of literacy development, 100% of the parents read to their children at least once a week and have children’s books in their homes. 

Early Learning Centers also offers breakfast, lunch and snack, baby formula and baby food at no additional cost to the family.

For more information call Mireille at 806-765-9981 or email us at lena.scaff@elclubbock.org.