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The Early Learning Centers of Lubbock is dedicated to providing resources to young children and families to create successful futures. Our Toddler Tips Blog is one of the resources we want to share to help create successful futures.

This blog is devoted to providing parents adequate resources to develop stronger family connections and relationships between parents and their kids. From setting effective and age-appropriate boundaries to knowing when your child is uncomfortable in social situations, we’re here to help.

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Signs a Child May Be Bullying Others

September 26, 2022

With bullying becoming a growing epidemic, one out of four children are bullied during the school year. As parents, we will be concerned that our children may be bullied in school, but what if our child is the one being mean to other friends?

10 Signs of Bullying

September 12, 2022

There are many signs that may indicate a child is affected by bullying. Recognizing these warning signs is an important first step in taking action against bullying, because not all children will or can ask for help.

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How to Help Your Child with Social Anxiety

August 30, 2022

Social anxiety in children is more than just a fear of interacting with or making friends. Children with social anxiety are fearful of situations in which they may be judged or scrutinized by others.

Why Reading to Your Child is Important

August 23, 2022

There are so many benefits to reading to your child, at any age! Their minds are hard at work, taking in the language their parents say and the lessons the characters learn in the stories.

6 Back to School Tips for You and Your Kids

August 15, 2022

Back to school season can be very exciting and scary at the same time for both parents and children. Here are 6 tips to help you prepare for school!

How to Help Your Kid Set Boundaries With Technology

August 10, 2022

We may ask ourselves, “how do we navigate setting boundaries to limit our kids’ screen time?”

4 Ways to Help Your Child Manage Frustration

July 29, 2022

We know how powerful anger and frustration can be. When it comes to children, their strong emotions can trigger intense reactions.

5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Understand Their Emotions

July 21, 2022

 As a child grows older, managing their strong range of emotions (self-regulation) is one of the most important factors to be successful in school, work and relationships!

Setting Effective and Age-Appropriate Boundaries for Kids

June 28, 2022

We all know kids need boundaries, but when it comes to setting and enforcing those boundaries, it can be extremely difficult!

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