Enrollment Forms

To enroll your child/children with Early Learning Centers you must:

  1. Complete the attached Enrollment Forms for each child;
  2. Bring the most recent two check stubs for each person working in your household to the center BEFORE your child may start;
  3. Bring an updated copy of your child’s shot records to the center (all shots must be up to date BEFORE your child may start);
  4. Bring a well check from the child’s doctor.  (this is a statement that says “this child is in good health and may attend childcare.”)
  5. We will schedule you an appointment at the center to sign all the paperwork and complete a Parent Orientation.

Referral Program

Do you love FREE early childcare education? Check out our referral program! Refer a family that enrolls and after 30 days, you can get a credit for one child’s weekly fees!

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