7 Behavioral and Emotional Red Flags in Children: When to Seek Help

Children, like adults, experience a wide range of emotions and behaviors as they navigate the complex world around them. While many ups and downs are a natural part of growing up, certain signs may indicate underlying issues that require attention and support from parents, caregivers, or professionals. In this blog post, we’ll explore seven behavioralContinue reading “7 Behavioral and Emotional Red Flags in Children: When to Seek Help”

Filling Your Child’s Emotional Cup

Imagine every child has a cup that needs to be filled with affection, love, security, and attention. Some children seem to have a full cup most of the time, or know good ways to get a refill. However, some children can get a little nervous when their cup is close to being empty. How toContinue reading “Filling Your Child’s Emotional Cup”

10 Signs of Bullying

There are many signs that may indicate a child is affected by bullying. Recognizing these warning signs is an important first step in taking action against bullying, because not all children will or can ask for help. If you notice the signs, talk with the child who is experiencing the bullying. This action can pointContinue reading “10 Signs of Bullying”

How to Help Your Child with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety in children is more than just a fear of interacting with or making friends. Children with social anxiety are fearful of situations in which they may be judged or scrutinized by others. Children who experience social anxiety may be triggered by different situations such as speaking in front of others, reading out loud,Continue reading “How to Help Your Child with Social Anxiety”