ELC Stories

The Early Learning Centers of Lubbock is proud of our students and we want to show Lubbock how we’ve impacted not only the children’s lives, but also their parents.

Bailey’s Story

Bailey began attending Talkington ELC at about 19 months old.  Her parents were divorcing, and her mother had to go back to work.  Bailey was an extremely shy, quite child who had only stayed with her mother until now.  The teachers worked with Bailey to help her feel safe and comfortable in her new surroundings and gave her much love while her mother was at work.

Today Bailey has her Masters in Education and is the Senior Recruiter in Texas for Arizona State University.  She travels all over the United States recruiting for ASU and does numerous presentations for incoming students and parents.

Sean’s Story

Sean’s mother was looking for affordable childcare.  She was concerned about enrolling her children in childcare because they were very attached to her.  Parents need peace of mind to focus on work or going to school to improve their family situations.  Sean’s mother admits she called regularly and that it meant the world to her. 

Today Sean is a 2nd grader and a straight A student.  He has been the Student of the Month in each grade. His mother said the Guadalupe teachers did a good job preparing him and the other children for Kindergarten.

Jacob’s Story

Jacob started at Talkington ELC when he was 2 years old.  His mother was a student at Texas Tech University and ELC had special funding to help students who had young children.  There was one particular caregiver who treated Jacob as her own child.  Every day, she gave him time and energy, calling him “her baby.”  She made him feel safe and loved.

Today Jacob is 13 years old and on the A/B Honor Roll and participates in Spanish Club.  He loves sports, playing football and basketball.  His mother says, “The Early Learning Centers gave Jacob freedom to be himself and offered him a sense of stability and appreciation.”

Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey was 3 months old when she started at Talkington ELC.  Her mother had just started working and needed a safe, loving place for her infant to attend so she could focus on work to help support her family.  Kelsey was extremely attached to her mother and had colic too!

Today, Kelsey is a Doctor of Psychology and has a thriving practice in Alaska working for the U. S. Department of Corrections.  Her mother says the teachers at ELC fostered Kelsey’s love of learning during those critical years.

Andrew’s Story

Andrew was born 9 weeks premature.  He started at ELC when he was 4 weeks old because financially, Mom had to go back to work.  Andrew was on breathing treatments at the center because his lungs were underdeveloped.  Around 18 months the teachers and Mom started noticing some language delays and the speech therapist began working with Andrew at the center.

Today, Andrew is a thriving 1st grader.  Mom said, “The PS teacher at ELC worked one on one with Andrew as well as his speech therapist and we have seen a tremendous improvement in his language development.”

Shelby’s Story

Shelby was born with hip dysplasia.  As a result of this diagnosis she was required to wear a full body harness that kept her legs at 90 degree angles to her body for the first 6 months of her life.  This caused some delays in her large motor development.  Early Learning Centers contacted Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and they worked with Shelby to help get her back on track.

Today, Shelby is a graduate of West Texas A & M and is the Senior Pharmacy Tech at Walgreens in Amarillo.  Early Learning Centers enrolls many children with a variety of special needs and makes the necessary accommodations to allow these children to participate in our programs.

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