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5 Reasons Why Preschool is Important for Your Child

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Sending your child off to school for the first time can be hard and scary, especially when they seem so young. Giving your child a quality preschool education will, however, set them up for greater success in every aspect of their life!

While your child attends preschool, they are working on building a strong foundation in their social, academic, and general life skills that will help them be steps ahead in school and life beyond.

Here are five reasons why preschool is so important for your child:

  1. Nurtures Creativity and Curiosity
    • Young children have active imaginations, and need to be fueled through learning and creativity. Preschool environments are set up to encourage exploration, and teachers are trained to help children develop their own ideas and thoughts. Teachers encourage curiosity, ask questions, and listen to children’s ideas, rather than pushing “correct” answers and behaviors
  2. Teaches Children to Take Care of Themselves
    • At preschool, children are often given chances to practice being responsible. Teachers teach and expect children to wash their hands, put belongings in their cubbies, and put toys back in their spots.
  3. Teaches Children to Take Care of Each Other
    • Alongside taking care of themselves, children learn how to take care of their classmates. This helps children learn new skills and view themselves as a resource for other children. Children are also able to help set up the classroom, grab crayons for their table, and set up activities for their group.
  4. Provides Structure with Limited Rules
    • Preschool mav not seem structured at first glance, but classrooms are designed to encourage social interaction and skills development. There are many opportunities to engage in group activities, story times, and collaborate with other children. Children are able to explore their curiosity while still participating in structured activities.
  5. Develops Individuality and Independence
    • Preschool can help children figure things out on their own, and leads to children taking action on their own terms. Children have plenty of opportunities to choose activities, try new things, and master basic skills. This allows children to develop their own personalities with a set of unique interests and gifts.
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