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Signs a Child May Be Bullying Others

With bullying becoming a growing epidemic, one out of four children are bullied during the school year. As parents, we will be concerned that our children may be bullied in school, but what if our child is the one being mean to other friends?

It’s unsettling to think that our child may be the one being mean to others, but it’s entirely possible that our own children will participate at one point in time or another.

Bullying prevention starts at home, and its important to know the signs of bullying.

Why do children bully?

Bullying is almost always about trying to assert dominance over other friends. Bullying comes from one of two places: internalized feelings of superiority over another friend or group, or internalized feelings of insecurity.

If you notice a child bullying other friends, there are two questions to help identify bullying behaviors and ways to find the underlying cause of the bullying.

  1. What behaviors are my child showing that may be leading to bullying?
  2. Why is my child acting out?

You want to be able to point out the exact behaviors your child is demonstrating. Think about what could possibly be the root cause of their behavior and you can start addressing the bullying behavior.

Here are a few signs of bullying to keep an eye out for:

Boston Children’s Hospital

Ultimately, bullying comes from unresolved feelings. Now you know some key signs of bullying, pay attention to how your child is behaving. If you notice your child is bullying other friends, try to find the root cause, and begin working on the road to correcting this behavior.

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